The Sixth Sense

“Feelings”; numb to everything and everyone around me, only your touch heightens my senses.
“Sight”; i see, nothing else but you, a tunnel vision, everything else is a blur but you.
“Sound”; in your presence I become tone deaf, your voice is the only melody that is suiting to my soul.
“Scent”; I find it hard to breathe each time I am around you, lol that’s me being nervous, your aura is a breath of fresh air.
“Taste” , I can only imagine, you are the sweetest, a taste of you shall render me a diabetic, that I know for sure.

It is evident that you may have possession of my mind, body and “Soul”, but you may never know, I can only hope that someday you might come to realise, that you are in control of my six senses.


The heart a cool ocean breeze
Its hard to stay warm in this cold world
Frostbitten thus it turns ice cold
Subtle breeze now a whirl wind

Blue skies, red roses ,green grasses
Colours I could feel
Black, grey and burnt up ashes
 Now is all i can see

Innocence lost in a sinful world
Sin lurst for innocence
A fair game
The predator attacks and maul
A Prey maimed
We become mould
Shaped in the form of violence

Genuine love was a tender age
Evolved with time to the form of hate
A reflection of what it once was, still a spitting image
Blind folded walking on a thin line between love and hate

A dove flocks in the midst of owls and  crows
Tainted feathers once white as snow
Fly away fly away
Faraway from home
A subtle prey now viciously preys
The predator is what we became 


A  constant presence 

was numb to the feeling till the absence
Deaf to the sound of voice
Thus the echoes of your silence now intense
The vision of you so clear
I neglected to see you while you were still near
Within my subconscious you dwell
In a state of consciousness im in a deep dark lonely well
Life a fantasy with you
As you sleep I awake to a nightmare
Forgiveness i ask of you
Young and naive was I not to appreciate and cherish the moments with you here

Need you now more thanever  



 The term religion has no universal acceptable definition, so i put it upon myself to state a definition in which All religious fanatics can relate to. Religion is the belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal God or Gods.

For centuries religious beliefs  has triggered the break out of war in all parts of the world and all for what? The Orchestrators of these atrocities justify themselves by explaining that they are acting on the will and command of their God and religion. Christianity and Islam is to be elucidated to better understand the origin of these religious crises.

Dating back to the medieval era , early Christianity originated in Jerusalam which was then under the Roman rule. According to the Gospels, Jesus preached for a period of one to three years in the early 1st century. His ministry of teaching, healing the sick and disabled and performing various miracles culminated in his crucifixion at the hands of the Roman authorities in Jerusalem. Christainity was then systematized in the 4th and early 5th century by  Augustine of hippo (St Augustine) a Roman philosopher. 

The religion of Islam officially began in 610 A.D., when the prophet Muhammad claimed to receive divine revelation from the archangel Gabriel who very clearly stated that monotheism and belief in the true god Allah were essential to human existence. Soon after, he founded the religion of Islam based on these principles.

By the 11th century Islam originated and became wide spread by the prophet Muhammad . 

Both religious groups preach peace and love but it’s practices in recent times are the contrary. Outbreaks of war and chaos has occured and still occuring for centuries till date due to the beliefs and practicies of these religious groups (Islam and Christianity). These religious Wars are referred to as Holy wars, a war primarily caused or justified by differences in religion . The account of The Muslim conquests of the 7th and 8th centuries, and the Christian Crusades (11th to 13th centuries) and Wars of Religion (16th and 17th centuries) are classified as examples.

From my study of the Quran I learned that the word “Islam” is derived from the word Peace, this teachings of peace is entailed in the Holy Quran: 2, 208 which states that “O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam)”.

The Bible also advocates for peace as seen in Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.

Both religions are saying the same thing, they preach about worshiping one God and being at peace with all Men. But problem for the majorities of these religious groups followers today is that some groups are following the traditions and superstitions invented centuries ago by sovereign leaders or groups in order to benefit their greed for conquest, power and wealth under the disguise of religious beliefs.

Belief is a very powerful emotional drive that takes total control of a persons will, mind and action. We fall prey to the mind control because of our religious extremism and beliefs of others and not ours. So Many innocent lives lost , so much blood shed, chaos everywhere all because we have been following our religious beliefs blindly and falsfully, and the author’s of these counterfeited, falsified doctrines benefit emencly from the spoils of war. We tend to worship religious leaders that is the so called men of God( pastors) or Imams instead of worshiping the one true God, we believe in man and not God. God is in everyman and he speaks to everyone of us, we need to pay attention to ourselves and thoughts in order to determine what is Good and Evil because that natural law principle of Good and Evil is inborn in every human being.

It’s high time we reflect and lament about what we’ve been fighting for, let’s do some soul searching cause we’ve deviated from the actual teachings of our various religion, and that’s peace,love and compassion for one another .I pray this write up set sail your mind, soul and body on a journey to self-realization as advocates of our true religion and world peace.

By Gberikon T.Kingsley